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Malefic Time : Soum, the music video

Malefic Time : Soum, the music video

Malefic Time: Soum is Kenny Ruiz’s new manga based on the fiction universe created by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, which tells the origins of Soum, Malefic’s protector. This is the music video inspired by their work, which blends scenes illustrated by several artists, Luis Royo and Romulo Royo among ...

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Luis Royo and Romulo Royo present Malefic Time : Soum

Luis Royo and Romulo Royo present Malefic Time : Soum

Luis Royo and Romulo Royo presents MALEFIC TIME: SOUM, an audio visual project to promote the release of the first manga of the series created by Kenny Ruiz. Shooting of SILENTLY, a music single starring Fàtima Ayats, Siauying Kam Paw and Jesús Donaire.

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dead moon epilogue

Dead Moon Epilogue

Dead Moon depicts like a flickering flame burning out, the fire between Moon and Mars, and its inevitable end. Their epilogue, full of fantastic illustrations, plunges into the bloody and remote story of Louyang, of its people, its tyrannical and opposed rulers, and the love-hate relationship between the protagonists of ...

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dead moon

Dead Moon

An epic story of the confrontation between two clans and their leaders, Moon and Mars, in an oriental and mystical atmosphere. A story in which opposites attract into a beautiful and fatal story. Luis Royo undertakes an immense, 128-page effort, in which he has combined canvas painting, large-scale painting, graphite ...

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dead moon portfolio

Dead Moon

In anticipation of the release of his long-awaited new book, Luis Royo presents a stunning glimpse of Dead Moon, a magnificent, oriental-flavored gothic tale of star-crossed love, brutal violence and heart-wrenching tragedy. In a dark city divided by passion, the leaders of two opposing clans-Moon and Mars-face a mystical attraction ...

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Wild Sketches 3

This is the final installment in the Wild Sketches trilogy. Featuring some of Royos most beautiful women and presented in our popular Japanese style manga size.

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That is what a russian billionaire decided to do in 2006 and Dome details the process from concept to completion, accompanied in 5 languages by Royo’s narrative and comments. A stunning hardcover book offering hundreds of erotic images and insight into Royos creative process. It’s perhaps what the Sistene Chapel ...

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Wild Sketches 2

A collection of never before printed sketches, full of strength and vitality. This book is presented in a Japanese Manga style size.

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Dark Labyrinth

Luis Royo shows us through our interior labyrinth, step by step, so that we can see darkness appear as we move along. Book of fantasy and eroticism containing unpublished material, while also giving us a new vision of well-known drawings by Luis Royo.

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Wild Sketches

Wild Sketches is the first book of a new trilogy : a collection of never-before-seen sketches, with 200 black-and-white images in each volume, all full of strength and sensuality. This collection is presented in a new format, similar to that of Japanese manga.

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Beautiful and spectacular women in settings full of imagination in a selection of the most spectacular drawings by Luis Royo.

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Tattoo Piercing, Subversive Beauty

Spanish grand master fantasy artist Luis Royo presents a sexy new portfolio collection of illustrations, each suitable for framing. Luis Royo has claimed a place as one of today’s most accomplished painters of science fiction and fantasy themes. He features beautiful women, placed in imaginative and atmospheric settings, adorned with ...

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Subversive Beauty

Beauty as a subversive and splendorous weapon for human beings. Sensuality and provocation set together in the search of a personal and individualistic beauty challenging established patterns, and often aided by corporal decoration like piercings and tattoos.

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Conceptions 3

This is the third Conceptions book, totally dedicated to the female figure. It is a quest for the ideal of beauty, an unattainable beauty that has been sought in all the various periods of human existence.

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The Labyrinth Tarot

Luis Royo’s tarot in all its essence, with illustrations and explanatory texts written by the author himself about the hidden meaning of every card and the power that they hold over people’s destiny. A very special book, since none of the illustrations has ever been published before.

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Prohibited Sketchbook

The Prohibited images in all their crudity, unrelated to the act they represent. Here, sexuality is seen in the raw, without the ornament of its sense in the work, and without the complement of color and finalization.

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Fantastic Art

A homage book from Luis Royo to his followers, for whom he has made a compilation of his best works.

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Conceptions 2

Second delivery of this sketch collection. The road of desires always leads us to an infinite doorway. What grateful moments arise when you are turning a piece of paper into that dream you have rolling inside.

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Prohibited Book 3

Images from timeless places, conceived so that our vision, our lips and our sex cross the border of vision into dreamland. An inner voyage in search of the most extreme pleasures of the flesh.

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Visions is an unparalleled recreation of fantastic, dreamy, mystic and sensual worlds.

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An artist of the spectacular. Each collection sparkles with pieces seen on book covers from around the world. Fantasy, science fiction, eroticism, etc… Royo has devised a special personal mix of media that makes his work so uncannily real, so beguilingly engaging as to make him a best-selling star.

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Conceptions is a log covering the first creations, where newborn ideas crystallized in fresh, agile images, anxious to become illustrations. An exceptional itinerary through drawings, sketches and pencils.

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Impossible Tattoos and piercings with an hypnotic effect flow in the wonderful illustrations that Luis Royo presents in this spectacular briefcase.

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Prohibited Book 2

These new acts are dedicated to a darkly ambiguous sexuality, hidden in our brain and unable to travel much further than our waist.

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Evolution shows various of the author’s works for editorials throughout the world as well as his most personal images. The hardcover edition includes an exclusive print with an unpublished drawing.

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Prohibited Book

The reflection of our most hidden desires. Find a comfortable and quiet corner and enjoy the most daring and sensual images hidden in this spectacular art book.

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Dreams is a journey through the intense and varied production of commissioned works that Luis Royo produced in the 90s. These works have never been edited in an album, including sketches, author’s comments and completely unpublished illustrations that show us through previously unknown territories.

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III Millenium (Third Millenium)

An apocalyptic and hypnotic vision of the third millenium en which we are now already living. Get ready to discover a futuristic scenario through the illustration of Royo’s darkest version. Images that wont leave anyone unmoved.

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The most beautiful nymphs share the scene with the most terrible monsters in one of the most renowned books by Luis Royo.

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His second and most sold book. Demons, monsters and pretty women all meet in Malefic, one of his most complete and successful works.

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